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Image by Feteme Fuentes

“Let yourSELF be silently drawn by the strange pull of what You really Love. It will not lead you astray”

- Rumi




Join the many others who have successfully tuned-in to discover what YOU most want. Start creating a joy-filled future by discovering what limits you from your past.  

The 6-step SELFationship program has been created to allow you to meet the layers of You. By making the commitment to the program you will tap-in to the things you would regret not changing or doing if you had a life-review moments before your physical passing. You will hear clearly what your Self has to say as you look back.

Join me in this program and identify What You Most Want!

Begin a relationship with yourself!


DESIRE • Honoring your purpose and the ideals most important to YOU

LIMITING BELIEF • EnJOYing optimal health and vitality

IDENTITY • Being close to and yet separate from others

TIME • Feeling connected to the Grace and Mystique of life

WIRING • Feeling whole and Self-accepting

EMOTION  • Secure and Peaceful - from within


  • All worksheets are downloadable for you to print

  • All worksheets of the SELFationship program should be taken in order (starting with Level 1 - Desire)

  • Layers can be purchased separately or as a full package

  • Free 15 minute Zoom chat with Sandy at the completion of each layer to discuss layer topics.

  • 30 minute & 1 hour one-on-one Zoom coaching appointments can be scheduled with Sandy to explore Layers in more depth.

Zoom Chat   Sessions with Sandy!

30 Min. Zoom Session


$75 for 30 Minute Zoom Session with Sandy to explore Layers in more depth

Thanks for your order!

1 Hour Zoom Session


$125 for 1 Hour Zoom Session with Sandy to explore Layers in more depth

Thanks for your order!

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