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Transform your life

From something endured, to something engaged in, here’s to the creation of more joy-filled experiences!


Together we’ll discover your true Self


Together we’ll uncover harmful, limiting thoughts & beliefs


Together we’ll recover your most meaningful relationship


Working with women who are ready to explore, develop and cultivate the most important relationship they’ll ever have - the relationship with Self.


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LMT and SMC-C​

Life Transformation Coach

I am a Selfationship Coach. That’s right, SELFationship - the longest most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. And yet it’s our Self which we so often ignore or deny in an effort to ‘go along to get along’ or to please others. When we do that long enough we can actually lose sight - lose touch - of our Self, our identity, our True North.

Together we’ll discover your true Self.

Together we’ll uncover limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Together we’ll recover your most meaningful relationship.

Self + Salvation + Relationship = SELFationship

Licensed, certified and enthusiastic about helping people find their ease and reach new milestones. I have worked in the area of emotional wellness since 2000; with training, knowledge and skill set being vast and respected in the industry. Together we’ll uncover the blind-spots; things you’re unaware of or, up until now, preferred not to see.

it's never too late to meet yourSELF!

Learn more about the SELFationship program and discover the resources available for your journey.

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